Big Dreams. Big Teams.


Achieve your dreams, learn to lead, build your empire, & fill your soul while doing so.

You aren’t out of passion, too old or tired to try something new.

So don’t tell yourself you’re a lost cause...

What you really want is to believe in something again.

You feel driven, spirited, and excited at the very thought of using your talents in the world. What if that feeling could stay put?

You can’t bring yourself to work for something you don’t believe in. Without money or freedom to build your dream...anything different looks impossible.

You tell yourself you don’t have the time or energy to even try something new.

Every minute is precious, it’s scheduled, and you can’t possibly waste any time.

Every workday is a grind–just to get home and meet that bedtime deadline. All so you can survive another unsatisfying tomorrow…

Every year you count down the number of summers you have left with your kids. (...we only get 18!)

You’re desperate to break the cycle before before it really is too late.

You know you want the freedom to make more money and put more soul into your life.

You’ve heard about “Network Marketing.”

Build your own team. Start an empire. Earn as much as you want–working whenever you want.

You ask yourself, “Is something like that even possible?”

You’ve started to question if dream lives are only for smarter, luckier people...or if maybe you’re passionate enough to earn one.

Hold up. One thing you should know…



It’s not just about making money. you want to make a difference–and get paid for something you believe in.

We are Michelle & Bobby Schaffer, and we created this tribe of leaders so that we can work together mastering the ins-and-outs of Profound Network Marketing.

Together, we offer over 45 years of network marketing we know what to look for and what to avoid in your journey to financial freedom.

What is Profound Network Marketing?

“It’s how I went from Teen Mom to Millionaire...relying on faith, passion, and the love for my work to produce the exact kind of life, freedom, and good in the world I’ve always dreamed of…...

In order to sustain this dream, I realized that my work shouldn’t just satisfy my own needs–it has to be profound. I needed to believe my work, and know that it’s continuously adding value to other people and their dreams.”

~ Michelle

Trust us, it only takes one wrong ingredient in a network marketing company to prevent it from succeeding.

If accepted into the Souled Out Crowd, you’re going to get extensive access to us–Michelle and Bobby–and we’re going to lead you to success. Because you shouldn’t have to wait 45 years to learn the secrets of Profound Network Marketing.

Like exactly what to look for when choosing a business (and why it’s so important)…

-  Company History & Longevity

-  Owner/Leadership Integrity

-  Daily, Lifetime Consumable Products

-  Compensation Plans

-  Big Market Warning Signs

When you’re able to understand the numbers & processes, the policies and fine-print, it’s like a peek behind the curtain. You begin to see insights and projections that others cannot understand. And you earn the ability to pair your greatest talents with a company that’s not only passionate about you, but that you believe in, too.


As a beginner, the value I've received from Bobby and Michelle's knowledge base of almost 50 years of network marketing experience combined is truly something special. Their wealth of knowledge has guided me to acquiring the skills to build a business from home as well as anywhere I may travel with my mobile device. As a full time college student, their advice and leadership has changed my life's trajectory indefinitely.

Bryan & Amy

Bobby and Michelle are world-class trainers, business coaches and mentors. With years of experience in network marketing and the business success that they enjoy, there is no question that we have grown as members of their team. But possibly the most impactful mentoring has occurred in following their example in integrity, humility, passion and genuine care for us as their friends and partners in business.


I'm not sure words can express how grateful I am to be a part of Bobby and Michelle's team. Their experience and leadership has led me to a life of freedom I never new possible. They both have such high integrity and knowledge and are always willing to help in anyway possible.

Corey & Taina

4 YEARS!! That is how long we have had the privilege of working alongside Bobby & Michelle and to have a first-hand experience witnessing both their hearts and passion to assist others. They are consistent, reliable, and both lead by action; not just by words. Through their belief in us; we have been able to create a life that we love.

Dwight & Rachel

We had the pleasure of meeting Bobby and Michelle last year, and never could have expected the way our lives would be changed. Their mentorship is invaluable, and stems from years of experience and growth, as well as their character. Each interaction is genuine and effective. It is so refreshing to work with those who lead with both their heart and mind. We are blessed to learn from them each day, and therefore, continue to grow our business.


Would you like to have a conversation about our team, the business we’ve built, and transition into Network Marketing as a permanent, professional career?


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