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Souled Out Sunday – What Is Fear Costing You?

Are you allowing fear to cost you your happiness, your dreams or your future?Listen to a short message of encouragement about NOT letting fear stop you Listen Now

From Resistance To Surrender

Michelle gets personal and shares a struggle she has been in the middle of, how she was resisting it and what finally led her to surrender Listen Now

Souled Out Sunday – Passing Storms

All storms do pass. Listen to a short message of encouragement to start off your week Listen Now

Couples Working Together – Chats With Bobby

Want to know how Bobby & Michelle work together as a couple? Listen to them chat about what it is like to work together and how to navigate the issues that come along Listen Now

Casting A Vision

Do you have a vision for your future? Do you know how to help someone see a picture of a better future? Listen as Michelle talks about why having and casting a vision is so powerful Listen Now

Souled Out Sunday – Passion In Action

Do you have passion? Or are you more of a “normal SpongeBob” type? Listen to a short message of encouragement on how passion can move people Listen Now


How competent are you? Do you continue to work on your skills? Listen as Michelle shares how this can dramatically impact your business and your life Listen Now

Souled Out Sunday – Eyes Forward Focused

Listen too a short message of encouragement to start the week. Keep your eyes focused on what is coming, not what is behind you Listen Now

Do What You Don’t Want To Do

What are you avoiding in your life? Why are you avoiding it and what is that costing you? Listen to this podcast as Michelle shares some stories and how she has learned to avoid this trap Listen Now

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