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Souled Out Sunday – Pruning

Do you feel like things are being removed from your life? Listen as Michelle shares a message of encouragement on how God uses pruning oil our lives Listen Now

The Art Of Conversation

Have we lost the ability to communicate? How are you at face to face interactions? Would you rather just send a text? Listen and learn why conversation is an art you should practice Listen Now

Souled Out Sunday – Spiritual Energy Source

Do you frequently run out of energy? Maybe you need to use a NEW source as a “Pick-me-up” Listen Now

Grit – And why YOU Need It

Do you have grit? Do you need grit? Listen as Michelle talks with you about the value and importance of GRIT Listen Now

Souled Out Sunday – Inventory Of Your Influences

Does bad company corrupt? Listen as Michelle challenges you to take an inventory of those that are influencing you Listen Now

Do’s and Don’ts

Listen as Michelle shares some business Do’s and DON’Ts. It may seem simple enough, but all too often we over complicate it Listen Now

Souled Out Sunday – A Beginner’s Beginning

Listen as Michelle give you a challenge for the week. When was the last time you tries something for the first time?  Be encouraged by this quick message of hope Listen Now

Ego – Ever Growing Offense

Ego is a touchy subject. Listen to how to recognize it, how to let go and allow God to lead Listen Now

Souled Out Sunday – Stay In Your Own Lane

Compare much? Complaining about what people are or aren’t doing for you? Check out this short message of encouragement to keep you in your own lane this week Listen Now

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